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Watch All latest movies and tv series for free and fast download no down time in anything on the app smooth and fast.

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Watch and download only available for mobile app users for pc users we give only streaming in the web.

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Easy Fatures and fast and simple UI in the app like netflix and amazon prime. 

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we have a features like Netflix and Amazon Prime apps and also same in web also.


We Monitor all latest movies and tv series is working fine and mainating satbilty of it and quality of the video for mobile users.

Asset Management

We Dont Provide any Premium option for users it completely free with ads.

Data Safe

we dont collect or Mine your devices with data miners like other apps we dont collect any cockies its all left to you to signup or not no force on signup.

Mutiple Audios

Here You can watch in More than 16 Languages in the app and web, App is more secure with all your data and More safe.

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Request If any Movies or tv series is missing Please Dont force us we will as fast as we can. In telegram Channel and Private Groups.

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Streaming and Download is very fast less buffring and Fast Downloads servers we use.

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You dont have to pay us to use our app or web version simple watch ads for 15sec even less and enjoy Movies and Tv Series.

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Our app is safe and Certified in Google playstore as well and more sercue with https SSl for fast and secure data transfer.

Languages you can watch

தமிlழ் తెలుగు | हिंदी
മലയാളം | ಕನ್ನಡ | English
HW Multi Audios | FAN Dub | French | German | Spain | Japan| Korean | Indonesia | More…..